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    XianYang BOMCO Wire Rope Products Testing Center Introduction

         ? Staff
    •       Testing center has 18 inspectors, including 6 senior engineers, 1 technical expert, technical staff have Bachelor degree or above.


         ? Equipment
    •       XianYang BOMCO rely on strong technical and financial advantages, XianYang BOMCO rope product testing center has 57(sets) major test equipment, 100 tons, 200 tons, 500 tons each one have a wire rope breaking test machine, can provide users with a diameter of at least 9mm to below 90mm wire rope breaking test, while the test center has a S-3400N scanning electron microscope, and multiple sets of wire torsion testing machine, bending test machine and wire rotary bending test machine.

    •       Wire rope inspection, testing equipment ability to cover the American Petroleum Institute API standard, GB 8918、 GB / T 20067、 GB / T20118 and other standards.

    •       In addition, the test center can also provide five elements of the chemical composition of the steel and high carbon steel metallurgical test analysis, as well as 16mm to 30mm wire rope fatigue tests.


         ? Laboratory Equipment


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      Figure 1 200MAT metalloscope


    • 图2  S-3400N扫描电镜

      Figure2 S-3400N scanning electron microscope


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      Figure 3 200t line testers


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      Figure 4 500t line tester


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      Figure 5 Carbon and sulfur analyzer


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      Figure 6 CAAM-2001 multifunctional atomic absorption spectrometer


    • 图7 盐雾试验机

      Figure 7 Salt spray test machine


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      Figure 8 Wire rope fatigue testing machine


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      Figure 9 Wire bending fatigue testing machine


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      Figure 10 Analytical Balances


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      Figure 11 Laboratory corner


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      Figure 12 Laboratory corner


         ? Haimen Branch Testing Equipment Introduction


    •       WPT-2000 horizontal hydraulic tensile testing machine can detect the maximum wire rope breaking force 1500T, rigging maximum tensile force 1800T, test sample maximum length up to 100m,Is one of the few mega-special test equipment in the domestic steel wire rope and rigging industry, Completed to suppress 130mm steel wire rope sling pull test.


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    • 海门大2


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         ? Key performance
    •       Testing Center of advanced equipment and high-quality technical personnel make the test center has unique insights in the wire rope、inspection of steel wire products standard and methods of testing standards. Physical and chemical organized in the midwest in the previous comparison test, test center to participate in the results are satisfactory results.


    •       Since its inception in 2007, testing center conduct the steel wire, wire rope testing services for the ChangQing inspection department, Northwest Rubber Co., Ltd. and other dozens of units, customers include the petroleum, mining, water, construction machinery and many other industries, quality of service get the user's consistent high praise.


         ? Certificate from Testing Center
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      Figure 1 CMA certificate

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      Figure 2 comparison tests Certificate

         ? Contact information



    •       Address: West Extension of West Yuquan Road, Xianyang Shaanxi China

    •       Postal Code: 712000

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