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    Xianyang BOMCO Steel Tube & Wire Rope Co.,Ltd

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        Xianyang BOMCO Steel Tube&Wirerope Co.,Ltd locates in the ancient capital Xianyang,nearby Longhai railway,about 20Kilometers away to Xi’an  Xianyang International Airport.The advantage of background:Xianyang BOMCO Tube&Wirerope Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary company of China National Petroleum Corporation and awholly-owned subsidiary of Baoji Oilfield Machinery Co.,Ltd.,the largest manufacturer of wirerope for oil field service,famous R&D base of wirerope for important purpose,beauthorized touse the brand of “petroleume quipment made by CNPC” The talents advantage,capital and production capability advantage:it was founded in 1959,with total assets of 1.36 billionYuan;production plan to ccupies total area of??nearly 600,000squaremeters,the annual production capacity is 125,000tons.The company has 164 senior technical staff,more than 30 technician sandsenior technicians.Because of the strong technical personnel,we accumulate dabundantde signand manufacture technology of wire-rope and sling,product quality reach top level in the world. 

        Technology advantage:For more than 50 years,we kept developing,researching and innovating design and manufacture technology of wire-rope.Also we successfully introduced and mastered advanced design and manufacture technology from Japan,Germany,Italia,American and Britain etc,invited internationallyren owned expertsin wire-rope industry for technical exchange,thusto identify the up-to-date status of the technology.We established five professional steel wire-rope R&D groups;they are R&D group of wire-rope for oil field service,R&D group of portmachinery,R&D group of engineering machinery,R&D group of wire-rope for coal and mining service,R&D group of wireropesling.This helps us to develop wireropes and slings for different purpose,replace the imported wireropes with our products in some industry,and the quality is accepted by the customers.

        Market advantage:our wirerope products are being used widely in domestic oil fields in China,th emarket share is more than 95% for 20 years;also the products are being widely used in high-end market such as port machinery,engineering machinery,coal and mining etc.Meanwhile,wire ropes are exported to American,Canada,Russia,South American,Africa,Middle East,Central Asia and Southeast Asia,the exported products totals 20% of the output.We established business relationship and keep business exchange with hundreds of companies in the world.The advantage of tech and service:We have professional technology team consisting of hundreds of technicians,who periodically visit the customers in oil and gas fields,marine and port,coal and mining industry to carry out technical exchange,improve the products to well meet the customers practical requirement better,ensure the products always satisfy different application demands of customers.