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    Xian Yang BOMCO Steel Tube & Wire Rope Co., LTD – That is the unique manufacturer of wire rope for oilfield industry and the best and largest research & manufacture base of wire rope for important purpose & occasion in China; Also it is the first manufacturer that can research & manufacture the barrels for subsurface pump and the housings for electric submersible pump(ESP) in China, meanwhile, it is the unique manufacturer of China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC) that can manufacture from raw materials to barrels and subsurface pump. The company has 3 series -6 kinds of products and 2 kinds of service that are as follows: Steel Wire Rope, Steel Wire, Steel Wire Rope Rigging, Steel tube, Subsurface pump and H Shape Steel, Waste Hydrochloric Acid Recycle Service and Large-Scale Wire Rope Mechanical Property Test Service.

    Wire Rope Products: The diameter of wire rope we can manufacture is from 9.3mm to 203mm. We can manufacture multi kinds of round strand wire rope, shaped strand wire rope, multi layer round strand wire rope, rotation-resistance wire rope, strand compacted wire rope, plastic coated/impregnated wire rope and large diameter wire rope.

    Steel wire products: Primary products are as follows: Galvanized steel wire, well measuring steel wire and spring steel wire. Our Hot deep galvanized steel wire has achieved first-class level in China and advanced level in the world. The product of well measuring steel wire is the unique product in China.

    Steel wire rope riggings products: Main application of this kind of product is for derrick/mast rising and lifting; it covers some shares in oilfield market.

    Steel tube products: This kind of product is cold rolled precision mechanical tube with main application of barrel for subsurface pump and housing for electric submersible pump and etc.

    Subsurface pump products: We can manufacture tubing pump, rod pump, anti-sand pumping pump, gas-proofing pumping pump, anti-scale pumping pump, slant well pumping pump and electric submersible pump, and we have the annual capacity of 10,000 pumps.

    H shape Products: Main applications are as follows: drilling rig mast, steel structure plant and etc.

    Waste Hydrochloric Acid Recycle Service: The solution for waste hydrochloric acid, recycle of hydrochloric acid and other byproducts.

    Inspection & Test service: Xian Yang BOMCO has been installed the wire rope quality inspection & test centre that is most comprehensive and best inspection & test capacity centre in China, and also we can afford the inspection & test for steel wire rope , steel wire, steel wire rope sling , other related accessories and other related technical services.