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    Xianyang BOMCO Steel Tube & Wire Rope Co.,Ltd

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        Xian Yang BOMCO Steel Tube & Wire Rope Co., LTD has built perfect quality management system and wire rope quality assurance system.      From 1993 to 1995, the company has got the certificate of ISO-9001, API, and China Classification Society (CCS), that is the first enterprise that got the certificate of API and ISO-9001 in China. In 2000, our subsurface pump product also got the certificate of API.


        In 1998, we were awarded as new high-tech enterprise by the people’s government of Shaanxi Province. Through the review in 2008, we were awarded as state new high-tech enterprise. Up till now, the company has had 12 national patents of production and related technology.


        In 1999, the company started the plan of improvement of wire rope quality and advanced technology import. In 2000, the project XG-CIMS, which is listed in National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) passed the inspection and was accepted. In 2007, our inspection centre passed the certificate of Quality and Technology Supervision of Shaanxi Province.


        Wire rope product was awarded as state quality silver medal in 1992; it was awarded as user satisfied products by China association for quality in 1996; in 2000 drill line product was awarded as user satisfied products by China association for quality; in 2005 it was awarded as high quality product of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC); in 2007 it was awarded as famous brand product of Shaanxi Province by the people’s government of Shaanxi Province; in 2008, it was awarded as famous brand product of Shaanxi Province.