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         ? Heat treatment production line
    •       Xianyang Bomco has six heat treatment production lines. Among them there are three imported completely, and the other three are transformed with overseas technology. Adopted the advanced technology of prefixed natural gas, the furnace is characterized with stable and well-distributed temperature, high level of sorbitizing, and best performance. The wire treated by it featured with /little performance difference, thus result in superior quality roping wire. It can produce roping wire in different size and tensile strength with steel rod from D1.2 to 13.0mm.


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         ? Hot-dip galvanizing production line
    •       Xianyang Bomco has two hot dip galvanizing line, one is imported and the other is transformed with advanced imported technology, both of them can produce steel wire with high strength and thick coating. The wire produced by it is featured with smooth surface, excellent comprehensive mechanical performance, and good uniformity of zinc coating. Presently it can meet following specification, coating at max 600g/ m2 /max. zinc coating of 600g/ m2 ,tensile strength at max 1900Mpa,manufacture size ranging from D1.18 to D6.5mm,which can coated both in pure zinc and in Galfan.

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         ? Steel wire production line 
    •       The semi-finished and finished wires of Xianygang BOMCO are all drawn with phosphate coating, the material for all finished wire drawing must be heat treated firstly. Most equipment are straight line wire drawing machines and dance wire drawing machine, others are wet wire drawing machines. The process of this production line featured by multi-pass and small deformation. Thus the tensile strength of wire can be certainly attained and the plasticity can also be improved.


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         ? Stranding production line
    •       This production line is mainly composed of tubular standers, planetary standers and double twister stranders. These stranders are various from 6 to 84 cradles, and the manufacture range is D1.25-62mm. In this production line, both mould drawing and roll can be attained. So various compacted strand can also be prepared by it for compacted wire rope.


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         ?  Closing production line
    •       The rope closing machines in Xianyang Bomco are mostly 6- cradle and 8- cradle type, supplemented by 18-cradle, 36-cradles and 84-cradles type. They are various from planetary type to rope skipping and to tubular type closer. In this process, plastic filling or coating can also be attained in line. It can produce steel wire ropes for important purpose ranging D5.5-203mm, tensile strength grade at max 2160 Mpa or more, unit wire rope weight less up to 160 Metric tons with different construction(ordinary strand, flatten strand, plastic-filled and covered strand, compacted strand, non-rotatory, ungalvanized or galvanized) . 

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